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If you have chosen to come to this page I guess you have a problem with the cavity wall insulation in your property, and that could be damp, condensation, black mould or cold spots.

So what are your options for taking out the cavity wall insulation?

1. You could simply pay to have it done.

A typical semi detached house would cost between £1,400. That is just to remove the insulation, and does not cover the cost of repairing the "scars" to the walls of your property, and depending on the finish of your walls (rendered, face brick etc.), these scars could be quite considerable. Of course, the cost of putting right the damage that may have been caused inside the house (wall decoration, furniture, wall plaster, flooring etc.) will also have to paid by yourself. We believe that this should be the option of last resort. Why should you have to pay for the mistakes of others?

2. Contact CIGA.

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency are the company that issues the 25 year guarantee for the cavity wall insulation. To find out more about CIGA click here. CIGA was created by the insulation industry, and today it is still run by the industry. It will always blame the customer, always. If you push it, they will send out a surveyor, who is paid by them, to check the problem - and then they will blame the customer again. Google "CIGA Reviews" and decide for yourself. Ultimately, you might be one of the lucky few that will have their insulation removed free of charge, but that's all, they will not put right the damage that may have been caused inside the house (wall decoration, furniture, wall plaster, flooring etc.) so this will have to paid by yourself.

3. A "no win, no fee, no cost" compensation claim.

With a Cavity Wall Compensation Claim everything is done for you, and it won't cost you a penny unless you win, If you win you will receive damages to cover all costs including (but not limited to), extraction of the insulation, repairs to the property after extraction (such as rendering the entire property to cover the scars to the wall), wall decoration, furniture, wall plaster, flooring etc - anything that has been damaged by the damp and/or condensation. Even any ill health of the residents that could be attributed to the installation of the cavity wall insulation. In addition to damages, you would also be awarded compensation - to be decided by the Court. In the event of you winning the solicitors would take 25% of the claim.

For option 3, you will need to qualify, click here to find out if you qualify.

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